laugh out loud.

Caught Johnny English Reborn with the favourites last night. If you haven’t watched it, please do. 100 minutes of non-stop laughs guaranteed. And! Don’t be in a hurry to leave at the end.

And like that wasn’t enough, we went to Coffee Club across the road for some post-movie slurps and cam-whoring with my new pair of bunny ears.

One minute we were complaining about how warm it was, the next minute the wind came out of nowhere and blew serviettes off tables and knocked empty cans off their bases. Agnes & I ended up laughing like idiots for a good 5 minutes especially after the wind blew a leaf into my drink. Fun times.

Kudos to the service staff at Coffee Club (Orchard Fountain). Not only did they get me a new drink in an instant, they also renewed my faith in Singapore’s service standards.

It was raining so heavily and we didn’t have umbrellas. Decided to try my luck and ask if they had an umbrella we could borrow, not only did they find an umbrella, the waiter went a step further and hailed cabs for us, telling the driver to wait and then running back to shelter us to the cab. That’s the way service should be! Sigh, makes me miss the F&B industry. Honestly I’d go back but if I could escape the crazy ass work hours.

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