First World Problems.

Sunday, I came back from a shower to find that my laptop had shut itself down. For a moment I thought it just slept but no, it didn’t respond to any keys. Earlier in the day I had this weird feeling about, what if my mac were to die on me, so, naturally, I went into panic mode. I tried to turn it on and…. This happened. I really hate my gut.

This is the second time I’ve seen this dreaded screen. Sunday was nothing short of depressing. Dropped it off with Stanley on Monday and I am now feeling extremely lost without my laptop. Right now I’m using my dad’s laptop but it’s driving me nuts cos I now find Windows absolutely foreign. I keep trying to scroll with two fingers, like every 10 seconds.

Trying to edit photos is a nightmare cos daddy has no photoshop and I have absolutely no idea how to navigate through Windows anymore. My HD is with Stanley, cos I asked him to backup the rest of my files. It’d be of no use to me anyway cos I can only access the files on another mac. SIGH! I guess it boils down to either getting a new macbook pro or, spending god knows how much $ to get the logic board replaced, which apparently, isn’t worth replacing.

Please, be nice to me. I’m positively depressed.

PS : I still have access to my emails so business as usual! Since I can’t update items in store, new items will be made available for purchase on my Facebook page. Already added plushies, new bracelets and Perpetual Spring sneaks! xx

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