sponsored review : bioré's marshmallow whip facial wash

You’ve probably seen the TV ads by now, and yes, 
Bioré’s marshmallow whip facial wash is finally available in stores! :D

Have you ever wondered why Japanese women are able to maintain such bouncy, porcelain skin? I decided to ask Mimi whether Japanese have a certain way of cleansing their face, and she gave me the very answer I needed. They use a facial net to create “quality foam”, in this way, making cleansing more thorough; as well as reducing the stress that cleansing inflicts on the skin.

The theory behind it?

The ultra fine foam contains bubbles smaller than our pores that go deeper into our pores to get rid of trapped dirt, this ensures you get a really deep clean. The high density of the foam creates a cushion between our palms and our face, thus reducing the pressure, and also acts as a massager.  So although exfoliators promise to well, exfoliate, they aren’t exactly very gentle on our skin, are they?

And if you think the photos above are exaggerated, I actually did try it!


Perfect foam, it’s as smooth & soft as melted marshmallows! Thus the name!

I got a little carried away..

How your facial wash foams isn’t something you’d fuss about on a normal basis, right? But after reading about the importance and “finer details” of foam cleansing, I got curious & tried lathering up two of the cleansers I have. Which led me to the conclusion that I wasn’t really getting much cleansing all along! :(


The first one barely produced any foam! Instead what I got was a thick, somewhat sticky lather. The second one was a foaming cleanser, it came out pretty okay but quickly started to “disintegrate”. When lathered, the fine bubbles turned into huge bubbles that spread thinly and started dripping all over. Pffftttt!

Bioré’s marshmallow whip facial wash not only gives you a better clean, it also saves you “lathering time”! What’s more, it is enriched with Collagen to provide moisture and leave you with baby smooth skin!

I’ve been using it for over a week, and I love it! I’m sure you girls will too! It doesn’t leave my face feeling tight after cleansing, and my skin definitely feels more moisturised! Each bottle gives you an average of 150 pumps, and I reckon a single pump each time is sufficient. If you cleanse twice daily, that works out to about 75 days. For $13.90 a bottle that’ll last you two months, hey that’s very affordable! Yay for our pockets! :)

You can purchase Bioré’s marshmallow whip facial wash at major supermarkets & medical stores!

There’s also a Spot & Win game on Facebook!

The 1st prize is a $300 H&M voucher! *gasps.

I tried playing it but I seem to be really bad with fast responses… :(

Perhaps you girls will have better luck at it!


♥, jean

2 Replies to “sponsored review : bioré's marshmallow whip facial wash”

  1. Hi there, I just bought this. Wonder if this can wash off regular sunblock/sunscreen? Please reply asap thank you!

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