new in : YSL-inspired arty oval rings

8th October update : one last piece in red. last piece in black is pending.

Much coveted YSL Arty Oval rings. These are a tiny fraction of the price of the originals which cost over $200. Available in teal, red & black. 

Inner ring diameter approximately 1.6cm – 1.7cm.

I’ve seen other blog shops selling these for over $20 on a preorder basis. I already have these instock so you don’t have to wait weeks for them to arrive as with sprees! :)

Get yours for $18. (excludes shipping, $2 for regular mail, $4 for registered)  Please contact me for international shipping rates. 

Questions? Leave me a comment or drop me an email! :) 

16 Replies to “new in : YSL-inspired arty oval rings”

  1. Hi Sharon!
    If you’re interested I’ll need probably a week to restock them cos I don’t have any left. For 5 rings I’d reckon approximately $8 should cover registered shipping cos these are quite heavy.

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