you so cute.

Wikipedia: “Needle Felting is a popular fiber arts craft conducted without the use of water. Special barbed felting needles that are used in industrial felting machines are used by the artist as a sculpting tool.”

Combine needle felting + lots of love…

And you get… The Fuzzy Wuzzies! That’s what I call them anyway, cos they fuzzy and cute like that. I like making them quite tiny, so you can carry them in your pocket as fuzzy wuzzy pets! They don’t need to be fed, but they guarantee a smile everytime! :)


both pandas already sold, olly the owl ring $18 (right) is available.

A remake of Lola the bunny ring $22, she’s quite popular around here; photographed with the black blooms earstuds $10. Both available by remake.

The busy bee ring $22. A plump honey bee which promises not to sting.

This got snapped up as soon as I added it to the store! I may or may not do remakes so do check back or send me an enquiry if you like. There are more fuzzy wuzzies in store waiting to find a home! :)


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