then & now.

when we were younger, we always sought adventure. the thrill of the chase, then falling, over and over again. sweet, poetic words the boys would try to pen, in a bid to win a girl’s heart. roses, chocolates, dinners, sweet nothings, we wanted them all. over the years a box i kept filled up with notes, heartfelt poems, gifts, little handmade presents, photos and bittersweet memories, but that is all they have become. looking back, i sometimes wonder if the emotions were real, it’s been so long, i can’t quite connect. i pulled out some letters from way back in 2006, but the lines of sweet nothings are no more than just mere words now.

i guess sweet talk just doesn’t cut it anymore, and besides, talk is cheap. i’ve had enough of hearing the same thing over and over again.. like how i’m the perfect girlfriend and that no one can replace me. guys, the worst thing you can tell a girl is that you don’t deserve her. (i always say that’s bullocks) i don’t know, perhaps most guys feel inclined to say such things to a girl at some point, but actions speak louder than words and these days i find words hardly convincing.

don’t tell me i’m perfect cos i know, i’m anything but, and that’s okay.

i’m not the girl you can buy over with flowers & poems, cos flowers will die and words will be forgotten. i just want something real. but now i’m so tired of running, so i’ll just keep standing still. 

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