a night in the park with neon trees

on monday eugene suddenly asked if i wanted to go to neon trees and immediately my whole to-do list flashed in my head like a pack of cards being shuffled mid-air. should i or should i not? i knew i really shouldn’t be running around with so much work waiting to be cleared after my trip to KL, but i ended up getting another pair of tickets for free (perks of being a “blogger”) and all of us ended up going. eugene, jones, mimi & me. the usual suspects.

i must admit, it was a lot more enjoyable than the incubus concert in KL, not just in terms of (more) company but becos there was alcohol. mmhmmm! give us alchy & we’re happy. neon trees was really good live, power-packed vocals and they were very engaging.

i bet guys got turned on by elaine bradley on drums.. (photo stolen from nicole)

ahhhhh i was like a happy kid when they played animals, the sudden balloon drop added to the fun. watch the vid! (took this on my bb so don’t expect too much)

anyhoos, what i’ve been chomping on lately… i really need to lose a couple kilos. i told my mum two days ago that i need to eat less cos i’m putting on a disgusting amount of weight, she says it’s cos i cook too much. i can’t help it, when i make scrambled eggs, i use two eggs. one is like, so unsatisfying… :/

i’m still a size 6 but if i put on anymore weight i fear the day i have to fit myself into an 8 will actually come about. it’s dreadful.

i want more of that seafood bisque from saybons. it’s my favourite. the bratwurst was pretty good too :)

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