Nth’ for everyday girls

i’ve been waiting for this to be released since they took the snaps during zoo rave in may… and it’s fiiiiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyy out! *happy dance

Nth’ for everyday girls, issue no.1

that’s the skirt that i diy-ed back in april! if you missed the post previously, which actually includes a mini diy tutorial, click here to go check it out :)

the heels i wore are from Xquisis, if you’re making a purchase, don’t forget to quote “Jeanine” to enjoy free shipping with any two items purchased!

the magazine is chock-full of content. honestly i was quite surprised that it turned out to be an 83 page magazine, good print quality and the content is really comparable to other similar magazines that we have to pay for. make sure you get a copy before it runs out! you’ll see what i mean… (mimi & i are on page 58 by the way heh)

for more info about the magazine, check out their website :     Nth’ Magazine

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