the angry birds!

i made this for my god-daughter’s birthday last week! i can’t remember if she turned 6 or 7.. wait, kids in primary 1 should be 7 right? she’s quite the fussy kid so i was worried she wouldn’t like it but she did! her eyes lit up the moment i gave it to her. PHEW!

a lot of you have messaged me asking if i’ll be adding this bracelet to the store and the answer is YES! OF COURSE! but give me some time to get organised. getting back into the swing of things after an endless string of parties is proving to be a lot harder than i imagined. FOCUS JEANINE! >_<

i did manage to add the studs to the store, (will try to update the measurements by tomorrow) along with a couple of other new designs… :)

a couple of designs are done to the last pieces and i’ve reduced the prices on some so don’t miss them! 

( click here to grab them now! )

love, jean

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