what you do prata – WHAT?

i was flipping through my diary and remembered i was gonna blog about this, but this was 2 weeks ago! i’m getting really bad at keeping up with my blog posts hahaha! anyhoooos! random doodles in my moleskine.

we settled on Scotts beef noodles for dinner after making endless rounds and almost getting lost in Ion. (i always get lost in Ion anyway so that’s old news.) i actually thought of having ramen but ed’s on this whole healthy diet thing. the beef noodles were alright i guess, nothing close to mind-blowing but it was this other stall that really amused us…

i had the prata once before but never paid attention to the name of the stall.

WHAT YOU DO PRATA (uuurrrrr… WHAT!?!?)

ed and i were trying to figure out what the hell “what you do prata” meant. this was two weeks ago so i don’t know if i can remember what exactly we were saying but i’ll tryyyy! :S

me : maybe someone asked the guy “what you do?” and the reply was “prata”. (makes sense no?)
ed : nooooo it’s “prata, do you want?” it’s reversed! (saying it very loudly with an indian accent, only to realise there was an indian man standing a few metres away from us. OOPSSSS! hahahahaha)
me : noooooo it’s “what” not “want”!
ed : oh… but indian what! what, want… sounds the same!
me : >_<  (conclusion? guys never want to lose.)

we saw these two really cute dogs while walking to cine for kungfu panda 2! they’re super cute! but quite fierce, the black one tried to bite ed when he got too close. the white one was really adorable! throwing tantrums in his pram. i really feel for them tho, it must be a freaking sauna under that much fur… like the tiny fans help. and they really drool tons!

i want a dog… always wanted a dog, but my parents hate dogs… so i can only have a dog when i get married and move out? and whoever i marry must love dogs! hahahaha! pre-requisites! :P

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