The Style Scouts Finals

it’s been a tiring past week to say the least. running around like a stylist trying to put together an outfit, to gathering votes and preparing for the actual day… i’m glad to say, it’s finally over. it’s been a great experience, and i’ve found many new friends amongst the 14 finalists. the photos from my camera aren’t great so i’ll wait for the official photos to be released! for now tho… some of the instant shots we took that night, courtesy of baicapture.

ed, jones, mimi, jervis, me and my newest friend, clara

i stole a couple of shots from Jolyn’s album…

jolyn // cheryl // me // hui yi

f3’s new style scouts! allen, hui yi, jolyn & shane

shane is really adorable, he’s like potentially singapore’s bryan boy! the four of them really earned the win. congrats guys! will be looking forward to reading your fashion scoops over the next 6 months! :)

and here’s a couple from my camera. i don’t know why the colors came out so warm… i must have forgotten to switch the settings. pfffffttt…

 left : me with my mannequin! simplest outfit out of the 14 but what i said still stands, you don’t need to overdress to impress.

right : i really love this photo mimi took. i look taller and my legs look skinny! the way i wish they were! lol!

 right :  james bent & me

James was one of the judges that night, one of the nicest judges i’ve ever come across i must say, very candid and non-judgemental. okay that sounded a tad ironic.. check out his  street-style photography blog

mimi rawking the cataracs shades that i made… they did attract quite abit of attention. altho i still think they need more bling bling! and more crazies!

 we think jervis looks like guy smiley… (clara started it tho… and jervis is gonna murder me if he finds out this is on my blog) seriously, the resemblance is uncanny don’t you think? and ed is…. ZORNINJAK! (zorro + ninja + rojak) reminds me of the teenage mutant ninja turtles… :/

tuesday, it came and went… soon it’ll be midweek, and then the weekend. somehow time is passing way too quickly. i can’t keep up…

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