black & teal

my outfit for the wedding yesterday evening at marina mandarin. sorry it’s not a very good photo, this was when we got home and it was like past 11 and i was deaddddd tired and ready to fall asleep… mummy isn’t quite used to taking photos of my outfits for me. and we didn’t take photos at the wedding! :(

the dress and the heels turned quite a few heads, and they’re really easy to walk in, don’t be fooled by the height! our long time family doctor actually came up to me and said..”you look so pretty.” geeeeeeee *blush definitely wearing this outfit again…

if you’re considering snagging those catty heels from Xquisis, don’t forget to mention “Jeanine” when placing your order to enjoy free shipping with any two items purchased. i’m already contemplating getting the other designs from the same range… :P

gotta run! ♥ jean

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