Damsel In Distress.

this is what happens when i get restless.

i was going through boxes of clothes i had put aside and found this pair of jeans that i got from bugis years back. i don’t know how i fit into a 30. it was altered tho, cos they didn’t have my size! i’m like a 25? 26? well, when it was altered they didn’t do a good job, the seam was slanted… besides, i’ve kept this pair so long that the color is really faded. (i actually like it faded tho) so i thought i’d turn them into shorts instead! there’d be a higher chance of them being worn than if i just kept them the way they were…

not bad huh?

i love the way they look but it is kinda loose considering i lost quite abit of weight compared to when i first bought these… i was a lot chubbier. (i know i’m “skinny” now but i really was chubby!) i’m like 42kg now… :/

i logged in to my friendster account which i haven’t touched in ages just to find this photo! this is me in 2007! that’s like what 4 years ago? check out my ancient casio camera!

anyways, i might consider selling the pair of (now) shorts off cheap. mmmmm anyone interested?

i’m skipping all the parties this weekend. my old spine injury i got from a wakeboarding fall a couple years back is acting up again so i’m trying to get better… sometimes i think i’m losing the interest in partying all the time… i mean yea i like the fun but it makes me tired, and alcohol doesn’t do you any good anyway… i’d rather snuggle in bed with movies and catch up with life.

oh well, i guess no one can party their whole life. i’m gonna catch up on some much needed snooze…..

♥ jean

2 Replies to “Damsel In Distress.”

  1. Hi babe, are you selling the shorts in this post? :) how much and whats the measurement for the waist? Your clothes are all so pretty! I’d buy them if you’re selling :)

  2. yuppp! i’ll get the measurements and send you a reply via email later today :)
    and yes i’m gonna be selling off tons of my clothes! my wardrobe is overspilling!

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