A Week into 2011.

( Hard Rock Cafe on NYE 2010 )

A whole week has passed, and yes I still feel somewhat “stuck” in 2010. I don’t know what it is but some part of me still feels really unsettled. A week into 2011, I’m still trying to sink into the reality that I have to wake up and work and that the festivities are long over. No more parties and late nights. Come to think of it, I didn’t even club in December due to the passing of my aunt, and I don’t intend to be very much of a party animal this year… There’s just too much I need to achieve this year.

I’ve been hooked on movies in bed the past week, especially nights when I simply can’t fall asleep. On impulse I signed up for a 3 months subscription with Megavideo, only to realise it’s pretty tough to find full movies… Maybe I just have weird movie picks.

Was going through my stuff and found my braided headbands… I went out like this yesterday and went my dad saw me it’s as if he didn’t recognise me. Is it that bad? It kinda gives me a headache tho, like my blood supply is getting cut off or something. I have weird issues.

And if you’ve realised, I haven’t posted much updates on customisations I’ve done in the past month… cos…. I put them all on Facebook! I’m using a new page to organise the product albums, the previous group page had photos lumped altogether into one album… This one’s way neater!

I try to update items daily once they’re done, so go check it out! You’ll see new stuff I’m working on like this little fella! He’s already found a home with my neighbour Gen :)

I’m home on a Friday night, how grand. Figured I should stay in and get some work and blogging done instead of partying with a threatening sore throat. I had way too much Ruffles the other day. The things you enjoy aren’t always worth it! :/

Later ya’ll.. ♥ jean


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