Merry Christmas Lovesss!

I know! I’m late! But Merry Christmas ya’ll! After all, there are 12 days of Christmas right? =)

Hope everyone’s been good and having fun! I’ve been pretty busy, which explains why I haven’t updated the blog in the longest time.. Is everyone getting nice pressies? I got myself tons of presents this year… here’s just a couple :/

I got myself a new wallet to replace my Juicy Couture wallet. This is my first Kate Spade and I love it! I got myself a new “cup” too. It’s really pretty, and my sister wants it too. And I love my new polka dot pink lap desk! It comes in really useful when I’m feeling lazy and want to work in bed… In fact, it pretty much glues me to bed…

I’ve got really exciting news!

For those of you who frequent The Butter Factory, you would have heard of a night called Fash Mob. Well guess what? Come January 15th, I’ll be Fash Mob-ing! It’s gonna be a poker party with a hint of Alice In Wonderland… More details to come in the days/weeks ahead. I have 2 weeks to prepare for it, and I’m really psyched! =)

Till I manage to squeeze in my next update, have fun everyone! A new year is right around the bend!

♥ jean

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