New In Store at Jeanine Gabrielle

hey girls! it’s year end and while everyone is busy spring cleaning their homes, i’m also trying to tidy up the store! i’m moving pieces to the sale page to make way for new designs, and here’s what’s new!

there are tons more just waiting to be photographed and added to the store so check back daily for new items! i’m gonna go get busy now, but before i do… i’m trying to change the store navigation (YES AGAIN!) cos i’m adding new “departments” to the store like home deco items and paper goods.

Right now, it looks something like that… I’m going minimalist, but I’m sure as I go along it’s gonna change somehow… this is the main page. should i keep the music? or would you girls rather shop with your own music?

Let me know what you think should change, what else you want to see in 2011, etc… Your inputs will be taken seriously and would be greatly appreciated! :)

♥ jean

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