bYSI, The Affordable Runway Trend

bYSI has been around since 1998. I remember when I was shopping for clothes for my first full time job, I bought a couple of pieces from bYSI, and in fact I still have them in my wardrobe… That’s over 5 years ago!

I believe the brand has evolved a whole lot since then, now providing women with a wide range of affordable runway trends!

Looking at photos from the Autumn/Winter Collection, I had the impression the outfit would cost a lot more than it actually does, but they’re actually really affordable! bYSI makes fashion accessible to the masses, and with their wide range of clothes, you’ll find whatever you need! From office wear to party frocks, or just a simple outfit that’ll take you from day to day, I know I’ll be able to find something at bYSI that fits the bill.

They definitely live up to the promise of letting us ladies be “A new woman everyday”!

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