Advertorial : Clean Up with Bioré!

Hellooosss! I recently had the privilege of trying out three of Biore’s make up removers, and here’s what I think! =)

Us girls like looking good and playing up our features with makeup. But we often overlook the importance of getting rid of all that “face paint” especially after a long night out! You know how you come home tired and maybe even somewhat “unconscious”?

For that reason I particularly love Bioré’s Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton Facial Sheets!

To put it to the test, I piled on liquid foundation, pressed powder, lipstick, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

It really takes layers of makeup off in a single wipe with extreme convenience!

It leaves behind a very subtle fresh scent, and no sign of oiliness at all!

The facial sheets comes in 3 sizes, the tub containing 48 sheets ($16.50), the refill ($11.50), and also a handy travel pack of 10 sheets ($2.95) which is perfect for carrying in your bag! No more sleeping with makeup on if you end up crashing at a friend’s place! A party animal’s best friend I must say! =)

For those of you who have more sensitive skin, you might be concerned about using facial sheets or cotton wool to remove your makeup as it may cause friction and possible irritation. In that case, Bioré’s Hydra Clear Makeup Remover will be your dream come true!

It really leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Because it’s a water-based cleanser, it leaves skin with no oily feeling unlike other makeup removers! No more rough wiping around eyes to remove waterproof mascara and other eye makeup. And for those of you who have lash extensions, this would probably be a good product to use since oil-based products will reduce the life of the adhesive used for the extensions!

The Hydra Clear Makeup Remover retails at $22.90 for a 200ml bottle.

For you girls who are heavier on eye makeup, I’d highly recommend Bioré’s Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip.

It’s easy. Shake the bottle, and lay a soaked cotton pad on your eye or lip before gently wiping off all makeup. I’m really impressed by how easily even waterproof mascara comes off! I used to use baby oil to remove my eye makeup but this definitely does the job a gazillion times better!

This is also contains Hyaluronic Acid which serves as a moisturising ingredient and ensures the skin around the eyes and lips remain soft and supple with every wipe!

The Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip retails at an affordable $14.90 for a 130ml bottle.

I hope you girls will find the above reviews useful! I had fun reviewing them and will be reviewing alot more products in the future!

pssttt : Don’t forget to redeem your free Bioré samples!

♥ jean

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