The Party Don't Stop!

to be honest, i can’t remember the last time i posted party photos since… June? fact is i have been partying, alot. somehow my enthusiasm for photos died, so did a bit of the excitement of blogging. i guess it happens when part of you dies…

meet my relatively new friend, Paul. I call him Meanie Paulie cos he’s mean to me sometimes. i think he speaks more singlish than i do… He’s a photographer and he DJs too!

see that pink guy? that’s Sherm. I always tell him I’m hungry… and he drives me around quite abit especially when we party. then that’s me, obviously. and Tyara who is also with 1 or 8 and lastly, Eve. She’s got lots of pretty tattoos that I would never dare get… don’t think I could deal with the pain and then getting thrown out of the house.

these are chefs from MBS. it was Cory’s birthday so we were all at Butter. I’ve known Cory since I was working in Ritz… that would be like… 4 years ago? Cory’s the one with the “V”

this is Dave! Davedoesdeejay. He spins Fash Fridays…

Anyways, believe it or not I lost $400 from my wallet that night. So some bastard is $400 richer. Yes my money got stolen from my wallet at Butter and I didn’t even realise it until the next day. Not cool…

Karma will get you some day. Good luck asshole!

anyway hope everyone’s doing okay with the haze… one thing for sure, it’s really killing me. i’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose all day non stop it’s getting really annoying now. pffft…

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