Fall 2010

With Singapore’s insanely warm weather, following fall fashion trends might not be your best bet, but, you can always get inspired and make the look hot weather friendly. Fall is basically all about layering.

Here are some of my favourite (and very wearable) Fall 2010 looks from J Crew.

I’ve “ransacked” the entire CLUBCOUTURE store online to find these “Fall-friendly” pieces! They’re pretty close to the looks shown above!


the weather lately has been pretty wet and on the cold side, so this look will definitely keep you warm! :)

Nikki Slitted Grey Tunic $49 // Prim Grey High Socks $16 // Black Pleated Shorts $39 // Pastel Tweed Skirt $39

ppssssttttt : you can get a pair of these Jeffrey Campbell inspired wedges from XQUISIS for just $29.90!

Georgi Cropped Coat $139 // Jamie Cropped Coat $139

( more fall looks from J Crew )

Black High Socks $16

While this look is hot on the runway, it sure isn’t the look for everyone and taller girls tend to pull off this look alot better! However, if you’re more petite and would like to rock this look, make sure your skirt is not too long, and try to have the sock just below the knee. Keeping the heels less chunky will also help in keeping a slim silhouette.

Hope this post gives your girls some “FALL INSPIRATION”! =)

Don’t forget to use the code JEANINE15 when you shop at CLUBCOUTURE to enjoy 15% off your entire purchase!

♥ jean

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