Wild Honey!

Over a week ago it was Alvin’s birthday and since I couldn’t decide what to get for him, I bought him dinner at Wild Honey the day after!

Shawn told me about the place and I had been dying to try out the food there for the longest time! The moment we got there i fell in love with the place. Like it says, there’s no place like home, and at Wild Honey, it really does feel like home. The ambience is really warm and the layout is really cosy… Proper tables or lazy sofas with coffee tables, it’s your choice.

i found it pretty cool that they had an iPad for a menu!

Okay enough rambling… this is the real deal! I had the full English breakfast. everything is really good. the eggs are perfect, the bacon is not too oily.  Don’t underestimate this platter, I could barely finish!

Alvin had the pancakes! The berry sauce was really yummy! I don’t think he managed to finish either… lol

Price wise, if I remember correctly it was just under $70 for both of us. One dish and a drink. A tad on the higher side, but for the quality of food and the overall ambience, I’m definitely looking forward to trying more dishes soon!

Meanwhile, check out Wild Honey online :

♥ jean

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