Everyday with ClubCouture ♥

Hey girls! It’s been a while since I last really blogged! Life’s been keeping me well busy, and being on the move means needing tons of outfits! Here are a couple of my favourite looks from ClubCouture :)

I just got this adorable dress recently. It’s super comfy and super cute! Makes me feel like a lil kid again. I’m really back into skater dresses now cos they’re so easy to wear and are good for many occassions!

the willow skater dress is still available (as of now) so hurry grab it before it sells out!

of course, there are occasions that call for more “serious” outfits, and that’s when i absolutely loveeeeeee my turqoise silk dress!

I’m super excited to receive two more dresses I just ordered from ClubCouture this week!

It was love at first sight with this piece. Although I have plans to alter it once I get my hands on it… It’s gonna be shorter! Cos I’m not that tall anyways, need more leg-illusion!

This nude chiffon dress is something you probably wouldn’t expect me to pick out, but hey! I’m all about trying out new looks so I hope I can pull off this country girl vintage look *fingers crossed*

ClubCouture also recently launched the Flair Collection. Fronting the collection are lots of bold pieces, mainly in black and reds, but these pieces caught my eye and I’ve put them together into my favourite Flair look :)

It’s very me isn’t it?

Be sure to check out the look book, and click on the image below to check out the collection!

PS : Don’t forget to use the code JEANINE15 at checkout to enjoy 15% off your order!

love, jean

2 Replies to “Everyday with ClubCouture ♥”

  1. Yess the dresses look really nice, and the Flair collection is so you, could totally imagine those items @ your website LOL.

  2. you can pull almost anything off woman.. haha. seen u in the green dress. love that. the white one. gimme a call when u get to wear it.. i’ll tell u when i see u. ;) haha. btw.. the collections making me want more clothes!!!!!

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