Live The Dream!

…ever wanted to be a model but never knew where to start? well, here’s your chance!

remember the WHO WORE IT BEST contest held amongst the ambassadors some time back? Now it’s YOUR turn to have some styling fun! This contest is open to everyone, so you don’t need to have any prior modelling experience, although having a good fashion sense will definitely be an advantage!

I will pick one lucky girl to receive a signature ClubCouture tank top + $50 store credit, and you’ll have the task of styling up the tank top with at least one item from ClubCouture, and anything else you can think of! This will automaticaly put you in the finals of the WHO WORE IT BEST CONTEST, and you get to keep everything at the end!

So… what’s at stake?

sounds pretty fab eh?

well i’m guessing most of you have been reading my blog for awhile, and i’m pretty sure you have a good idea of what styles i lean towards by now! so here’s how i’ll go about picking a winner… it’s fun! like a how well do you know Jeanine kinda thing!

1. check out ClubCouture

2. pick out one or more items, totalling no more than $100 that you think i would most likely wear. (please make sure it’s available in a size small tho!)

3. drop me an email at with the item names (and url links preferably)

4. please include your full name, age, phone number, and also a full-length photo of yourself.

on the 30th of June, i will decide who made the best selection!

good luck girls!

love, jean

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