Wet Wednesday!

gosh the weather sure is sleep-conducive… and i haven’t been feeling too good the past two days! non-stop sneezing… i’ve been pretty groggy too. i just wanna stay in bed all day but i’ve got tons to pack for the FLEA this saturday at Scape! i can’t even remember when was the last time i did a flea, it’s always such a hassle to pack cos i have to tag all the items (trust me i’m bringing tons this saturday) so make sure you come down to Scape from 2-7pm!

meanwhile, also had some customisations to complete this week…

a necklace phyllis got customised for her musician friend, San

and a bow ring for Josephine and a bottlecap ring for Joanna!

2 days to the flea, i feel so unprepared. i really doubt the table will fit even half of my stuff… how now brown cow?

who’s coming?

One Reply to “Wet Wednesday!”

  1. Hi babe!!!!! i have been looking for a hp charm for the longest period of time….. i believe ur customised designs will suit me perfectly!!!!

    could u customised a hp charm for me? i do not know if this is the right channel to get u or thru ur blogshop jeaninegabrielle ! =)

    i love what u did for samantha and zac anniversary but i will need the ger’s version one will do. =)

    ribbon, bottlecap w my name, sthg a plushie too maybe?

    i like something tt represent each of the following like sweet-girly, sexy femine but also dangerous and adventureous will be jus fine….(ard 4 accessories on 1 hp charm!)

    i’m sure u have the idea!

    hope you can help!

    thanks a million babe!!!!!!!!

    Amelia (90233657) Mobile/ or email me!

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