Addicted to Steak.

i think i’m a steak addict. i’m perpetually craving for meat; red meat.

i don’t think it has anything to do with me being born in the year of the ox, there’s just something about steak that makes me happy.

my latest steak-fix :

steak frites with truffled fries and béarnaise sauce at Overeasy on friday…

ben had the egg skillet,

but i needed my meat!

the béarnaise sauce is to die for, i need to learn how to make it soon… the steak, it’s perfect. but $28 for that little chunk of meat is a little pricey, no? well worth it for the taste and quality (and happy factor) tho. kept me happy enough to put up with ben being glued to 2 soccer matches at Butter that night.

with the football fever raging right now, i think i might need to have steak every other day to keep myself happy.

how’s everyone dealing with football fever? it’s only day two and trust me i’m feeling the loneliness already.

…i think i should just go to bed earlier for once

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