I Heart My Monsters…

it’s 2am, i’m sleepy, i should be sleeping, but ben’s still working. how many people have their boyfriends still working at 2am in the morning? well i do, and that’s how it’s been for the past (almost) two years. well 22 months tomorrow to be more precise. i used to follow him to almost every gig he played at, but gosh, i’m turning 25 TOMORROW, and i just can’t quite keep up with the hectic night life…

decided to give China One a miss cos i’ve got tons to do. or maybe it’s just cos i’m still refusing to accept the fact that i’m turning 25…

at least i finished my flats tho…

they’re so cute that i don’t know if i can bear to wear them… i love the colors! i’m so tempted to grab a few more pairs and just paint them all day…

i also made another customised ring!

this is a gift from a guy to a girl… SWEEET! keep it up boys! :)

i added lots of stuff to the website earlier… bracelets, necklaces, rings… so go see! i’ll try to update again later in the day cos right now i’m totally struggling to keep my eyes open… ben’s gonna nag if he knows i’m still up.


4 Replies to “I Heart My Monsters…”

  1. the ring looks even prettier than i imagined it to be!
    awesome stuff!!!
    i’m sure she’ll love it..

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