Where To Eat? : The Handburger

okay this post is WAYYYYY OVERDUE. i’m sorry. i just haven’t been in a “blogging mood” lately, but i’ll leave the explanation for later…

if you like burgers like i do (so does ben) then you will absolutely LOVEEEEEEE

THE HANDBURGER at 313 @ Somerset

for starters, i love the whole ambience, the menu, the artsy fartsy everything… and gosh, they have uber cute cupcakes on the menu for all you sweet tooths… being there feels a little old school, cos of how the benches and tables are arranged, it’s almost like being back in the school tuckshop!

the beef patties are to die for! really, i’ve tried the burgers at The Ritz Carlton, and if you compare price and quality, gosh, i’ll have a handburger anyday, EVERYDAY!

look how tender the meat is! it just crumbles in your mouth, and it really tastes like how a beef patty should. i don’t know how to explain it, you’ll know what i mean when you try it for yourself… they’ve got a couple of interesting dips like sweet chilli kaffir lime aioli, herb tomato, spicy tartare just to name a few… so don’t expect anything ordinary!

the buns are really yummy, the ones we had were caramelised onion buns. and for once, i actually ate all the greens that came in the burger. becos they really are green and so fresh!

the prices are reasonable, starting at $7.80 for a basic burger. there are a couple of add-on options too, so you can build your own burger however you like! they get quite crowded during peak hours, but it’s definitely worth the wait!

in fact, we’re thinking of going there for my birthday!

if you’d like to study the menu, (it will make you hungry) go to their website by clicking on the link below! :)

…officially my favourite burger bar!

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