Preorder for Bags – Closed

1st May Update :

I’ve placed the orders for those who have paid. For those still interested in any of the items, please feel free to let me know, i might open a new pre-order  :)

. . .

hey girls!

i found some really pretty bags which i’m gonna order for myself, (from overseas) so if anyone is interested in any of these,

please confirm and make payment by 3pm on Friday, 30th april.

leave a comment/drop me an email and i will send you the payment details. if you already have my bank details from previous purchases, you can proceed to make payment first and then send me and email with the details.

i know it’s not alot of time, but i want to order asap to avoid cases of selling out. these are like early birthday presents to myself. :P i MIGHT do another preorder tho, that’s if enough people are interested!

item 1 : chanel-inspired bow bag $49

. . .

item 2 : chanel-inspired quilted bag $42

. . .

item 3 : around the world boston bag $42

. . .

item 4 : around the world two way bag $42

. . .

item 5 : two way haversack $39

these are all handpicked by me, so if you trust my fashion sense, you know what to do :)

love, jean

9 Replies to “Preorder for Bags – Closed”

    1. hi sophie!
      can do! where to? please note that the shipping cost to wherever you are will only be calculated when the items arrive. please let me know which items. however, additional charges will apply if you’re paying by paypal.

  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in chanel-inspired bow bag. How long will it take for the bag to arrive? How much is registered post? Thanks!


    1. hopefully less than two weeks after i place the order as i will be shipping them in by EMS.
      registered mail will be additional $2.24 on top of the regular mail cost. :)

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