Oops, I Shopped.

…and Ben’s gonna start banning me from shopping again. he always does!

(but it has never been effective)

so i was supposed to have dinner with friends.. but, somehow my instincts were right again, dinner was cancelled a few hours before. the plan was to go down to taka, pop by the post office and run some errands, but when dinner got cancelled, i got lazy. and then i remembered it was wednesday and the post office here in yishun closes at 8! so i got the mails mailed out, hoping ben would come out to meet me for dinner. i was quite prepared to go down town anyways, but when ben said he was quite stuck in camp… the mood totally sunk. so i decided i was gonna stay in yishun and not venture out…

so i went to northpoint, grabbed a strawberry milk shake from sweet talk to comfort myself and popped into Pet Lovers! it’s pretty fun popping into the store… even when i’m not really buying anything… it’s like i have friends there… haha! wait till they actually see Baileys in person…

next stop? watsons. i bought the new mascara from Maybelline. not sure how good it is, but… we’ll see. i’m gonna throw out all my old mascaras. i hate it when they start getting clumpy, so annoying!

btw, i actually verified some prices when i was there… if you read my beauty book post on exfoliators, here’s a more accurate update. the CURE gel actually costs $42! NOT $30+! and the ginvera one is $16-ish if i remember correctly.

anyway, i still wasn’t quite satisfied. i hate dressing up and heading out for less than an hour… so i walked around and ended up in cotton on. i was actually just looking to buy ONE cardi, i ended up with… FIVE. they were 2 for $30! white, black, grey, a floral one, and i got another on sale for just $10. fyi, the floral one has an original price of $24.95. with a 2 for $30 deal, who could pass on that? i also got a pretty pink shirt dress (seen in the photo above) for just $10 too! gosh it’s so so comfy, now i want every color they have it in. sigh….

that’s the other panda we got the other day by the way, not that i actually used it tho.. i was just messing around. anyhoos, i better get to bed now, to sleep rather… i’m already sitting in bed and my eyes are dying to just close…

ps : on a random note, i kinda like my hair right now, somehow i only like my hair when it’s done up in braids… my fringe has grown out! finally! i’m fighting the urge to chop them. i shouldn’t, right? thoughts anyone?

alright, goodnight!

and expect more new item updates in the day! love love!

6 Replies to “Oops, I Shopped.”

    1. thanks Meg!
      see the things with bangs is, ben thinks i look even more like a baby…
      i told him that day and he said “but you always regret after you cut!”
      which i’ve done more than 3 times already.. haha! i’m horrible!

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