Perpetual Spring…

i’ve been working on lots of new pieces lately, this being one of them…

i actually did it with a yarn necklace, but this has been modified for Leonie :)

so…. why perpetual spring you must be wondering? well, it’s practically spring/summer all year round here in Singapore, so that’s what i’m calling the “collection”! it won’t be just for the months of spring/summer, but it’ll be a permanent page on here’s a sneak at the rest of the collection so far…

…Perpetual Spring

if you remember the ruffles and rosettes pieces i did last year, well, they’re back! in different colors, more varied designs! meanwhile, here are my newer creations, all hand sewn by me….

i’m still putting up the prices and descriptions, so gimme a couple more days before i release the collection :)

have a great weekend everyone!

love, jean

4 Replies to “Perpetual Spring…”

  1. Hi,

    Where did you get the watch in the pic you posted with Bailey on the right column of your site? It’s nice.

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