SOLD : Butterfly Weave Bag

this has been a “display piece” in my room for awhile. i’ve used this at most, ONCE. it’s really one of my favourites, but becos i really don’t use it (at all), i’m hoping to sell it off to someone who’ll love it as much as i do, cos it’s a really really pretty bag! great for weekends, hitting the beach…

width : 48cm (top) 38cm (bottom) and height : 31cm excluding handles.

it’s got a top zipper, and an interior zipped pocket. the interior is lined and spotless! you’ll be getting this in a dust bag too.

i can’t remember how much i paid for this but i know i’m selling it for less than what i paid for, for sure.

take this bag home for $30 including registered mail (it’s a real steal!)

love, jean

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