And The Winner Is…

Yi Jing!

She chose “What were we thinking?” dated October 21st 2009 as her favourite blog post.

and- Says:

hey jeanine i like the post “What were we thinking?” on October 21, 2009. Haha sort of identifies with it, and I’m surprised by your honesty! Everyone has some dark past and hide some skeletons in their closets. Yours seem…somewhat way more dramatic than the average man but you seem to emerge a happier person than the average man as well!

and guess who picked the winner? ben did!

it was really tough, so i let ben do the honors this time. good pick tho, “what were we thinking” was one of my more intense, reflective posts… thanks everyone who participated, this is just the beginning of the giveaways in 2010… so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win this time!

ps : if you’re clueless about what’s going on, Yi Jing has won herself a flannel shirt, proudly sponsored by ClubCouture!

Congrats Yi Jing! I’ll be in touch with you shortly! :)

love, jean

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