…will you (bee) mine?

i usually don’t really care much for the occassion, i’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day is over-rated, and socially abused. like really, why wait till 14th Feb each year to say something sweet? come on guys, surprise us girls when we least expect it, and not treat us like princesses on Valentine’s just cos you’re expected to. (boringggg)

still haven’t done your Valentine’s shopping?

if you’re having issues asking a girl to be yours, perhaps this quirky keyring will make things easier for you… she’ll definitely appreciate the mild humour. see, it lightens up the mood already! and you can spring this on her all year round!

will you (bee) mine keyring S$15 – free regular mail!

i can also do this in other colors so just drop me an email/comment if you’re interested :)

i totally love these mismatched earrings! but if you’re not quite the mismatched person, you can opt for a pair of bunnies or a pair of skulls.

hand drawn with love by me of course!

S$10 a pair, bunny bunny, skull bunny, or skull skull!

i’ll be adding more fun gifts for giving all year round, so stick tight! i’m gonna hit the sack now. tooodles!

love, jean

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