I'm Back!

not from anywhere in particular, just back on the WWW.

so turns out my laptop had a RAM problem, they changed the RAM and it’s working like a gem now. i feel so relieved! it was initially thought to be a logic board problem, which would have been disastrous! >_<

simply meaning, i would have had to buy a new laptop… thank god i don’t; well not yet at least.

sarah and meee. we always do this when i’m there. usually…

on saturday i took Baileys to get his nails clipped for the first time… $12!!! and guess what? after that i went to Pet Lovers and found out they clip nails for FREE. seriously it was like a kick in the head! at least i know now right? oh well….

here’s Baileys just chilling in his new playpen!

i finally found some PVC sheet to line the floor so he won’t make a mess… even if he does, i’m the one who does the cleaning… it’s not as non-slip as i wished it would be. he still slips when he runs fast…

and he likes to play chase!

mummy was just walking by but he followed her, so finding it amusing she walked backwards, and he followed! after that we started running back and forth and he’d follow from corner to corner. but he tends to take alot of shortcuts! lol! he’s one problematic rabbit, first it was the sneezing, he still sneezes, but he really seems normal otherwise. recently i noticed the fur around his neck was thinning!!! i’m praying it’s not mites, cos his area is kept clean… and because i used the powder bath some time ago, i can’t tell the difference between powder residue and dandruff from mites! URRRRGGGHHHHHH :(

and this morning, i woke up and went outside to be greeted by fumigation fumes!!! the rubbish chute wasn’t closed properly and the fumes creeped in and filled the house! i panicked and ran to check if Baileys was okay! thank goodness, up till now, he still seems normal. i hope he didn’t inhale too much of the fumes! don’t they warn people about rubbish chute fumigations around here??? sheeeesh.

anyway back to the weekend, i actually developed a fever on saturday night. within 2 hours it went from 37.6 to 38.5! i took 2 biogesics and 3 packs of herbal tea and just lay in bed feeling like crappp… thankfully i was feeling better by sunday afternoon, in time for mass and dinner at Manhattan!

this is the 1-for-1 lobster platter deal at $28.80!

i won’t deny, it is a good deal.. but i didn’t really like the sauce they used on top of the lobster…. i still like my lobsters just plain steamed or baked with lobster… think fisherman’s wharf in sydney!  but we ended up getting two $10 vouchers so looks like we’ll be back at Manhattan pretty soon again anyways…

but something on the way home really killed a good meal…

someone threw up in the train! urgggghhhhhhhh

this was the closest i was willing to go to get a shot of the mess… it was actually funny to see how singaporeans would rush to get to the seat, only to get close enough to see the mess on the floor… oh the horror! i had a few good laughs myself :)

please, if you’re not feeling well, carry a couple of plastic bags with you. if you didn’t mean to throw up, at least clean up your own mess before getting off! it’s just plain unethical! no?

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