Baileys' Sleepy Sunday

“i’ve spent most of today just lazing around… and that’s my new chew toy! it has a bell inside…”

he does “attack” the wood board and newspaper less but hasn’t stopped entirely. at least i know when he picks up the ball to chew or play with the ringing of the bell… this seems to be one of his favourite sleeping positions… i really don’t understand why he likes to squeeze his head between the cage and the bowl tho. how is that comfortable? lol

he’s sneezing a little less today, and i think his nose isn’t as wet… i hope it totally clears up soon so i don’t have to take him to the vet again… vet visits sure are expensive! >_<

2 Replies to “Baileys' Sleepy Sunday”

  1. They like hidding there because its dark n only then can they sleep. Their eyes are sensitive to light. My sis’s hamster do that as well. Maybe get those mini hse and place it in the cage. Bailey wil appreciate it!

  2. haha, actually, Baileys sleeps everywhere…
    but i ordered a “tunnel” for him that’s made of timothy hay. still waiting to get it cos i ordered it online…

    he’s got this really weird habit tho..
    sometimes he sleeps in one position for like 5-10 mins then gets up and goes to another corner to sleep… otherwise, he’ll sleep, wake up, drink some water and go back to sleep… lol

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