Slimy Sightings


earlier when ben and i were walking to the bus stop from his place, i spotted a weird “ripple” in the drain and ran ahead to take a closer look, and it turned out to be a snake! i bet it was at least 2 meters long, just gliding through the shallow drain water.

does anyone know what sort of snake this is, and if it’s poisonous?

here’s a closer look at it’s “skin”… any ideas?

we were contemplating calling the police, but the snake was fast making it’s way along the drain and we wouldn’t be able to keep watching it once it got across the road, so we took a couple of shots and ended up going to the police station in Ang Mo Kio South to let them know. you should have seen their faces when we told them a snake was SWIMMING IN THE DRAIN… they were speechless when they actually saw the photo…

i really hope they caught the snake! ben said the drain leads across to factories… and that place is so near the French School, for all you know there may be more where this snake came from… i’m getting the chills just thinking about it.

Parents, please warn your kids in the area!

stay safe everyone!

2 Replies to “Slimy Sightings”

  1. it’s a reticulated python. not poisonous but it’s a constrictor- for an adult, could coil around your body and tighten your muscles till you can’t feel a thing, or worse, coil around your neck and suffocates one to death.

    ‘apppeared’ swimming my dear girl, snakes slither across surfaces.

    1. gosh i’m glad someone knows what they are… guess i learn something new everyday :)
      still, i get the chills thinking about it tho… i’ve become insanely paranoid since i saw the snake!

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