the last week of 2009

a whole year has passed, and as we enter the last week of 2009, i’ve still got tons of catching up to do. monday, i promise, i’ll get a whole load of things done. and i promised ben i’ll turn in early tonight… i intend to stick to that promise. so i’m gonna do a quick one before i crash!

i’m gonna be uploading new earstuds tomorrow, so be sure to check the page for updates…

meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak :)

i’m sorta waiting for midnight to text ben…

28th December 2009, it’ll be our 17th month together.

it’s scary really, considering it’s his first relationship, and none of my previous relationships got past 8 months? i totally out-did myself this time! we’ve had our share of fights, quarrels, you know, the usual couple stuff… people might think we’re perfect on the surface, but the truth is, we’re not.

well, there’s so much to say, so i’ll put that in a seperate post sometime this week. it’s gonna be a really fruitful week ahead. summing up 2009, my resolutions for 2010, and actually welcoming the new year… it’s gonna be a blast!

so i’ll leave all that for tomorrow while i go lie in bed and play with my new Blackberry :)


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