It's Christmas Eve!

my fredflare stash finally arrived 2 days ago!

see the pink tokidoki pup? it was supposed to be a set of two, but i only got one. sent them and email yesterday and they’re sending me a new set, which means i’ll end up with one extra! thanks Nicole from Fredflare’s Customer Service Department! :)

i won’t be seeing them anytime soon tho, they’ll only get to Audrey on Jan 4th due to the holidays, from there it’ll take another long trip to Singapore. oh well, at least Warhol has one pup for company now..

i’m trying to figure out what ben got for me, and who bought the present… grrrrrr… yesterday he just had to say, “i think your present buy already..” which sparked my curiousity. i think i even dreamt about it… i’m really suspecting the present is right here in my home… we’ll see…

anyway, check this kid out! most adorable kid on earth i tell you!

i have to get back to wrapping presents for mummy and daddy now, i’ll be back!


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  1. hi, I want to get some stuff from fredflare too but I want to know the estimated total shipping charges first so I don’t end up with a huge shipping debt to pay! you used vpost right? :) so I’d like to ask you how much did it cost for your stash of cute ff stuff and how heavy was the package? :)

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