Back by Popular Demand : Updated 17th Dec

Status of availability (In stock) :

1 x Oui Ou Non

2 x Je T’aime Vintage

okay girls, and guys buying for girls… so as not to disappoint this holiday season, i’m reopening the preorder for the following pieces.

Please note that they will only arrive from the USA somewhere mid december, but definitely in time for Christmas!

updated 3rd december 09 :

click here to go to the page to preorder.

Availability will be on a first payment basis.

je’taime vintage S$22

antique sterling silver french charm measures 1.8cm and hangs from an 18 inch silver chain

. . .

…Oui ou Non? S$22

a touch of good old french charm…you’ll want to wear this piece everyday cos it compliments just about any outfit.

USA- imported antique sterling silver charms, charms measure 1.8cm, 18 inch long chain. charms may or may not have “scratches” due to their vintage condition.

(regular) shipping is $2, and free with the purchase of two or more necklaces/bracelets.

see store for more details


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