Advertorial : XQUISIS

exactly a week ago, madeline of XQUISIS sent me some really awesome stuff! :)

i totally LOVE the bag cos it’s really chanel-esque and pretty roomy. i was pre-warned that the 4 chains on the bag were heavy but i still love it! i also got the cream colored espadrilles!

XQUISIS manufactures their own shoes and i’m already eyeing a couple of items from the new collection launching tomorrow, THURSDAY at 10pm.

remember to mention “jeanine” when placing your orders to enjoy FREE SHIPPING with any 2 bags purchased, and enjoy 30% off when you buy 3 bags! you know what that means… round up the girlfriends and shop away! although with all the pretty bags Madeline has in store that are priced so affordably, i could easily buy 3 bags for myself!

What’s more, with Christmas coming up and so little time to spare,

Madeline will gift wrap your bags for FREE! :)

click here to start bagging bags and putting something pretty on your feet!

love, jean

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