shopping at 2am

okay, so it’s the only day of fredflare’s free shipping cos it’s CYBER MONDAY, and i couldn’t help it.

i’m supposed to be asleep! ended up getting these…

the tokidoki pups are US$12 for a set of 2

i don’t know which 2 i’ll get… i really want the green and the pink!!! *fingers crossed*

and i got another talking watch!

i have a purple already, but yea, i want, more like NEED a black watch to match my outfits better… for more serious days you know?


oh my gosh you have no idea… i’ve always wanted this!!! and it’s on sale now for just US$9.99! i’m such a happy bunny! i’m not even sleepy anymore… getting these mailed to Audrey and then have her mail them to me… excited much! :)

i better go sleep soon, still have a meeting to go to in less than 12 hours! >_<

love, jean

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