late night rants…

its 221am, i’m hungry… i’m sleepy…

and i’m having…

milo and cream crackers. why do they call them cream crackers anyway? they’re not in the least bit creamy? pppffft.

i’m actually so tired i could just put my head down on my laptop and fall asleep… but i don’t know, i feel as if i have things to finish… things that i can actually do in the morning. ben keeps telling me to be good and sleep early. but the earliest i’ve been getting to bed is 3am? this really needs to change… it’s as if i’m out partying everynight and sleeping only at 3am. sigh.

am i gonna get old like that? >_<

how can i sleep when i have half packed orders? in fact i just worked on a new batch of earstuds. i did photos of new ones earlier but i haven’t even gotten down to uploading them… wednesday is going to be crazy. i have to wake up, finish packing whatever orders i need to pack, finalise ECLECTICISM’S stocklist, print, pack up… maybe do more photos if the lighting doesn’t suck… have lunch, and after lunch i have to get ready to zip zip zip around town before going down to pasir ris to see ben at 7pm…

speaking of which, he asked me…”so what are you going to wear tomorrow?” i’m like huh… i mean really i’ve been so busy, do i actually have time to think about what i’m going to wear? great, now i feel like i have to think. i can’t just throw on a pair of denim shorts and be lazy… so i asked him what he wants me to wear… not like i ever get an answer to that question… then it becomes a case of “up to you, impress me”. and then he said… no need to be like woahhh so elegant, just nice and simple.

great, why do i still feel the need to WOW?

okay i have stuff to do, why am i even blogging. good night ya’ll. i’ll go finish my milo and hopefully i find it in me to abandon whatever i’m doing and get some much needed shut eye… long day and weekend ahead….

i will survive.


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