Hotmail is at it AGAIN!

Picture 17

overlapping text, messed up html-like pages…


and so is my computer.. (not my mac thank god)

i’m having trouble booting my PC, it just refuses to boot. which means, i cannot update the website. i was having thoughts of shifting all my files and maintaining the website on my macbook pro instead, only to realise a while ago that Yahoo’s sitebuilder is not compatible with Mac OS.

absolute retardation i tell you!

i’m angry, and annoyed. seriously. i wish i knew how to rebuild my entire site on Dreamweaver now… but even, the thought of it really scares me. so, until i get my PC fixed, i’ll be updating stocks/new designs here.

i’m so frustrated now i can barely think. breathe jeanine breathe… i’ll be back.


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