…have you ever?

have you ever broken someone’s heart, and then months later, wonder if they’re okay?

have you ever come across someone’s writings, and felt as if (no, make that sure) it was directed at you?

have you ever come to realise you MIGHT have “ruined” someone’s life, sent them into depression, thrown them into an emotional whirlwind?

have you ever regretted being mean to someone?

…if my answer to all the above is yes, does that make me a really bad person? :(


3 Replies to “…have you ever?”

  1. Heyhey,
    you are not a mean person. I have my answers as ‘Yes’ to all those questions as well. I mean, we all have been on the receiving end of such treatments as well as give them. don’t be so hard on yourself. ):


    1. thanks for the consolation hun! :)
      i really still do feel mean even tho i know i myself have been hurt before….
      that’s just the way i am i guess… :|

  2. I know.
    I go into one of those “reflective” mood once in awhile as well. No biggie. Just remember to snap out of it when you need to. we all can’t bear to see a emo jeanine! :)

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