if you haven’t caught on with the whole “BOOMS” thing, and don’t understand why Florence Lian used that word on idol… you need to watch this video…

to be honest, it was embarrassing, and totally demoralising to watch this. but the person who put it together really did one hell of a job in capturing the worst of it. is this what Singapore has become? is this what our country is producing? I don’t know about you but, how would a foreigner communicate with someone like that, granted she’s studying hospitality and tourism?

how did the judges arrive at their decision? what made them pick someone who totally misrepresents all the values and morals we stand to believe in? i think even a primary school student would be able to speak better english. i don’t mean to judge her, but really, there are some things that just leave you with a big question mark… if you realise, the way she spoke on 2 seperate occassions was totally different… did she act like that on purpose? i wonder.

…a penny for your thoughts?


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