Day 10 & 11

baby came out feeling a bit sick but was better by sunday… so we went to SFX for evening mass, dinner at mac’s before heading to the prata house to catch the match between Man United and Man City! Gosh it was one crazy match… but the final score was 4-3! :D

That’s what happens when your boyfriend goes into the army… just to spend time together, you’ll go along with whatever he wants to do.. including watching soccer matches! It makes you treasure every second you have together… when he’s out of uniform; cos when he’s in uniform, he can’t touch you! oh well, “government rules”.

time flies so quickly when we’re together, but drags when we’re apart. isn’t that always the case?

IMG_9428 IMG_9426

in the car on the way to pasir ris…

on monday ben had to book in again, 640pm at pasir ris… so in the late afternoon we left early to have dinner with his parents and pop by the military supplies store to get some stuff he needed. that hour i spent just sitting there with him, it was when i understood how you could feel like crap even tho the person you love is right next to you… becos he was in uniform, i couldn’t even hold his hand, he couldn’t hug me or kiss me goodbye. and it was a sea of green… hundreds of others just like him, just waiting to be ferried back to for another grueling week of training and hot sun.

i did get to meet some of his friends tho, they’re a funny bunch.

tada! :)


it was really nice seeing who his new friends are!

well, it wasn’t exactly nice seeing him board the bus tho… but like what ben told me… “you have to learn to let go…” that’s something i have yet to learn i guess…

funny, immediately after he left, nic called! so i took a train down to town to chill for abit. by the time he was done with his Fabulous Tan and his late subway dinner it was already pretty late. he wanted  to watch a movie but i wasn’t feeling like a movie cos of my cough and blocked/runny nose. and by the time we made it to taka from cine, the shops were already closed! boo! :(

…so home sweet home!


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