Day 9 – First Book Out!

gosh i was so restless all day. kept looking at the clock wondering if it was time to get dressed. before hopping on an extremely long bus ride to pasir ris i decided i was going to get ben a new phone. so i did! i was totally in between the nokia 1661 and the nokia 5030; i got the 5030 in the end, for the mere fact that it’s a newer model. hahaha oh well, it’s still just a phone right?

buying the phone put me a little off schedule, so i missed seeing his new friends… :( but i guess there are many opportunities to meet them!

finally, 9 days later, i got to see what the army has done to my baby.


look how tan he has gotten! as if he wasn’t already… come to think of it he looks more burnt than tan… hahaha! that’s like what 10 shades darker than me? or more! and it’s only been 9 days. imagine what he’d look like after 13 weeks of BMT!

while we were in the car, i sneakily pulled out the phone and asked him ever so unsuspectingly to “help me open”… so he took it and went silent. hahaha! i just love it when i get him like that. it’s so fun. but then again, everyone appreciates surprise gifts once in a while right? (i know i do… *cough*)

anyways, we had dinner with his parents at punggol nasi lemak before heading back to his place to listen to more army stories!

on a separate note, our dear friends, DJ Edo and Jess tied the knot down under! We’re so happy for them! And guys, this photo is for you!


again, Congratulations to Edo and Jess, it’s a pity we had to miss your wedding!

love you both!


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