The End of Day 1

managed to talk to baby for a while on the phone earlier… and it somehow made me feel alot better. altho my voice got a little shaky haflway thru, i told myself, he’s okay; i should be too.

and he had good news!

they get to come out for hari raya! wheeee!

heads up jeanine, you can do this! no more crying like a wuss!

if you’d like to follow this army journey with ben and myself, bookmark this link!


ps : to those who private messaged me / commented on my note on facebook, thank you. for your encouragement and well wishes, i’m beginning to believe we’ll sail through this too :)


2 responses to “The End of Day 1

  1. hey, just wanted to share. my boyfriend just went in on monday, it feels terrible. like yourself, ive seen my boyfriend go overseas for weeks, but this.. i just cannot cope in the meantime. past nights were crazy, i think i drive myself crazy. bad reception, no calls cos no time.. i dont know. but we can do it aye? (:

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