life in pixels – updated! 8/9


ray ban wayfarer pins! $6 each


panda pins!

sleepy panda (left) measures 6.9cm x 6.4cm – S$7

wide-eyed panda (right) measures 6.4cm x 5cm – S$6

get a set of both for S$12!

IMG_8797 IMG_8808

pacman is back. now in many more colors!

i’m moving him back into the store from the sale section… he got quite popular while he was there, you see.

get a single pacman necklace for $10, and then buy add ons for $7 each!

which means, you can wear a different color pacman everyday! just interchange them! :)

each pacman pendant measures 5.9cm x 5.9cm

IMG_8812 IMG_8811

and they get cuter…

pacman earrings! $5 per side!

pick a color, or two, or three, or just get them all!

these little guys measure 3.5cm x 4cm


feelin’ blue?

pacman pin (left) S$5 each

same size as the earrings


and not forgetting the pacman rings i blogged about a few posts ago… available in the same colors as the above,

color recap : red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple. did i miss any?

the pacman ring is $6 each

and since the ninja is in the picture, why not just grab him too!

ninjaaa S$12

the ninja measures 5cm x 5.8cm and is strung on a 28 inch black chain

. . .

…living life in pixels is pretty geeky, i like.


13 Replies to “life in pixels – updated! 8/9”

  1. Hi Pacman Ring in Purple x 1
    Please send invoice to my mail :) Thanks!

    and do u do wide eye panda in ring form too?

  2. Oh HAHA i didnt see the dimension!!! LOL i was just looking at the pics now that i see it 6cm is really huge do u do it half the size?

  3. i would if i can find smaller perler beads.
    but for now i can only do that size…
    smaller panda rings would be uber cute i think! :D

    mailed you the invoice for pacman!
    let me know if you’re getting anything else :)

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