Updated 17/9 : a garden reception



the burnt out satin flowers S$25 each

each flower petal is hand cut and singed then sewn to form a flower, topped with a faux pearl centre. attached to a bobby pin;

this is perfect for wearing in a bun or behind your ear…

in scarlet (worn)

Update : Pink sold, new color will be available soon!

IMG_8238 IMG_9259

left : purple trio of rosettes headband S$15

3 hand sewn rosettes in 2 shades of purple

right : baby blue crochet flower pin S$5

hand crocheted by me! :)

oh dolly!

IMG_9381 IMG_9384

IMG_9387 IMG_9385

oh dolly! rings S$14 each

3 exclusive pieces available in purple, teal and peach. size is fully adjustable

IMG_9390 IMG_9393

IMG_9399 IMG_9394

camelia rings S$12

in teal or coral. size is adjustable

2 exclusive pieces that feature a little flower sitting on a hand-twisted vintage brass knife charm. pretty scallop details at the end.

IMG_9416 IMG_9254

left : baby blooms S$11

en exclusive pair of floral hoops with pink flowers and pretty pearls

right : butterfly circus S$5

an exclusive single side earring featuring a gold butterfly fluttering in a pearl hoop

IMG_3507 IMG_0049

left : oh so rosey S$5 (restocked! last pair)

right : buttercup vintage S$5

IMG_0053 IMG_0057

left : carmen S$5

right : peggy sue S$5

to purchase, leave a comment or drop me an email! :)

love, jean

6 Replies to “Updated 17/9 : a garden reception”

  1. hey jeanine! i couldnt find ur email address.. but i bought the purple pacman ring from you last week or 2 weeks ago.. i wore it out on mon.. and very sad, the glue came off (for the metal ring part and the pacman).. so i would like to check, which glue do u use? so that i can stick it back again?!

    1. hmmm well you can try this craft glue called amazing goop. the tube is purple and you can get it in a DIY shop like Home Fix. the glue i use isn’t sold here in singapore.

      do be more careful with the pacman ring and avoid washing your hands with the ring on.
      avoid knocking it too and it should be fine. in fact, i’ve been throwing mine around in my bag the past 2 weeks and it’s still in one piece! :D

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